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Lite - Smart Controller + Monitor (pH, NH3, Temperature, Water Level, PAR)

$629.00 USD
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√ Bluetooth Integration - Control your Felix Smart and other bluetooth devices without a Wi-Fi connection

√ USB Control - Manage power on all your USB devices.

√ Ethernet Compatible - Connect Felix directly to your router. 

√ High Inrush Relays - More surge resistant relays to help protect your devices 

√ Multi Camera Capability - Add additional cameras so you don’t miss any angles

Reimagine Your Aquarium

Take your aquarium to the next level - experience your fish, plants and corals like never before! Felix Smart is your full-time fishkeeping expert, at your service, 24/7. Let Felix take care of the hard stuff, so you can enjoy the rest!


Smart Control - One Controller to Rule Them All

Gain control and have peace of mind about your aquarium - from anywhere! Create custom power settings or allow Felix Smart to automate your system. With 8 power sockets and 6 USB plugs, there is enough room for your current setup and any future devices you may want to add. Your Felix Smart controller can be controlled remotely with the Felix Smart APP. Available with North American, EU and UK power sockets.


Smart Monitor - Know More. Stress Less.

Plug and Play. Salt Water or Freshwater compatible. Monitor your water quality and light parameters with ease and never worry about calibrating. Monitors pH, Ammonia (NH3), temperature, water level, PAR, LUX and KELVIN. Your Felix Smart comes with with a 90-day supply of slides.


Smart App - Beauty by Design. Simple by Nature.

Beautifully designed and simple to use. See and control everything in one place. Easily create fail safe rules to prevent tank failures. Get notifications when there is a power outage or if your water parameters change. Monitor and make changes to your system in real time and view your changes as they happen. 

Felix Smart AI Assistant™ 

Receive valuable smart recommendations based on your systems inhabitants, devices and tank size. Not sure what the ideal temperature or pH for your fish should be or how much light your corals or plants need? The Felix Smart AI Assistant™ can recommend and make changes to your system to create the best environment for your occupants to thrive.



Create dependent rules for each device to help manage your system. The Felix Smart IFTTT system is proprietary and independent of the third party IFTTT organization. There are no monthly fees. Rules and commands work regardless of loss of an internet signal. 


Home Assistant

Felix Smart can respond to voice commands given to Google or Alexa, giving you the freedom to manage your aquarium equipment hands free.
Felix Smart also works with Siri Shortcuts to deliver an automated experience like no other. Create a multi-function shortcut with Siri Shortcuts when you’re performing maintenance on your aquarium and have Siri turn off your pumps and lights and then turn on your favourite playlist on your connected smart speaker. Just say “Hey Siri, Performing Maintenance”.

Open API Software

An open ecosystem that allows for endless possibilities and seamless integration. Felix is designed to work with any smart device including lights, pumps, heaters, dosers and skimmers. We are continually adding new manufacturers to our ecosystem. 

WIFI Extender

The Felix Smart Controller can act as a Wi-Fi extender in your network. It can provide up to an additional 500 square feet of coverage.


Input: 100-240V~, max 10A
Output: 100-240V~, total 9A
USB Output: 5V, 2.0A