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Hydroponic Grow Kit

$649.00 USD
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Growing Made Easy

Felix helps you create the perfect indoor hydroponic garden. Grow all your favourite fruits and vegetables with the help of our easy to use app. No green thumb or prior experience is required! Automate or customize your complete grow cycle with just a few taps. 

Simple Smart AppFelix helps and guides you from the start of your build to harvest. Sending you tips, reminders and alerts to keep you and your system stay on track. 

The Perfect Recipe

Choose from hundreds of recipes in the Felix app. Each recipe contains the precise parameters for your specific plant to thrive. 

 Watch it all. Anywhere.

Don't miss a moment in your garden. Capture stunning videos, pictures and timelapses with your Felix Cam. Share pictures with friends or livestream to your social platforms. 


Create a short or long timelapse from one hour to one year. See in clear detail every moment of your grow.

Vision AI (Beta)

Felix is building out the most comprehensive predictive engine for pets and plants in the world. Imagine knowing the exact health of the plants and pets you care about with just one tap. Our vision is to improve the lives of every living creature by providing the most accurate information on the health of your plants and animals. Users will have the option to opt into this feature. 

Plug and Play. Then play some more.

This kit includes everything you need to manage, automate and enjoy your hydroponic garden. 

Your kit includes pre-calibrated water probes and air monitor that measure:

  • pH
  • TDS
  • Water Temperature
  • Water Level
  • EC
  • Humidity
  • Air Temperature

Smart, powerful and expandable.

With 8 power sockets and an expandable 6 port usb hub, the possibilities to manage and monitor your system are endless. Each controller can power up to 1200 watts continuously. With a built in surge protection and power failure alerts, you can have the piece of mind of knowing if the power goes out when you're away, you can take immediate action from afar.