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Felix Smart Pro

Felix Smart Pro

Felix Smart Pro


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Our flagship model. Take complete control over your entire aquarium. Comes with  the Felix Smart Controller, Smart Camera and Smart Monitor.

Smart Controller.

The Felix Smart Controller's forward-thinking design allows for future product compatibility. Connect up to 8 AC powered and 6 USB devices from different manufacturers and have them work together in harmony. There’s no need to be tied to one brand. The power to choose is in your hands. Available with 8 North American, EU, or UK power sockets.

Smart Monitor.

No calibration needed. Monitor your water quality and light parameters with ease and never worry about calibrating. Simply change your slides every month to receive the most accurate readings. Measures pH, Ammonia, temperature, water level, LUX, kelvin and PAR.

Smart 360º Submersible Aquarium Camera.

Seeing is believing. Experience your aquarium like never before. Check in on your inhabitants or view time lapses in full 720P HD Your Felix Smart camera is ready for your compatible VR goggles or headset.

1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty

 *Estimated March 2020 Delivery*