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Position: Sales Account Manager Rockstar
Location: Mainly Calgary (With some fun travels!)

Are you a Plant Geek or Fish Whisperer?
Hey there, Green Thumbs and Guppy Lovers! Do you enjoy the world of plants, hydroponics, and aquariums? Does your heart flutter at the thought of merging nature with cutting-edge tech?
If you've been nodding vigorously, *Felix Smart* might be your next adventure! We're at the crossroads where foliage meets algorithms, and guppies get the VIP treatment.

Why should you join us?
🌿 Be Tech-Savvy with a Green Touch. Get hands-on with state-of-the-art tech that makes plant and animal care a walk in the park!

🐟 Swim in a Kick-Ass Environment: We're not just about soil and water – our workspace vibes are LEGENDARY.

💰 Earn and Flourish. We don't just help plants grow; we help wallets grow too! With a competitive salary, rewarding commissions, and other juicy benefits.

🌎 Travel and Network. See the best parts of America, attend trade shows, and rub elbows (or leaves?) with industry leaders.

*What's in your toolkit?*

✅ A passion for plants, hydroponics, and the aquarium market.
✅ The independence to lead and the motivation to conquer.
✅ Some experience in the wonderful world of greenery and marine life.
✅ Ready-to-roll sleeves for some American touring.

The Felix Smart Essence:
We're in the business of enhancing everyday living. Whether you're a newbie who's just adopted their first cactus or an expert with a rainbow fish family, our tech and products make the journey smooth, intuitive, and oh-so-exciting! At Felix Smart, it's not just about gadgets; it's about passion, nature, and a community that cherishes every leaf and fin.

Ready to jump in the pond with us? Dive into this opportunity and let's make life smarter, greener, and fishier together!

📩 Drop your CV (tom@felixsmart.com), tell us about your favorite plant or fish, and why you want to be part of the Felix Smart tribe!