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Transform your terrarium.
KAI Terrarium Kit
by Felix Smart

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Ultimate control that balances your ecosystem and gives peace of mind.

The KAI terrarium & vivarium Kit is shown in front of a reptile enclosure, standing up with the Felix Smart application, and all the probes and accessories the kit comes with. These include a Felix Smart air temperature/humidity probe, a ground moisture and temperature probe, and the Felix Smart 1080p HD camera.
  • Advanced Automation

    KAl makes it easy for anyone to cultivate a thriving environment. With advanced tools, you can control, monitor, and automate any terrarium. Create Events, Scenarios, Cycles, and Timers, or just use a Program to automate your setup.

  • KAl Programs

    Utilizing our extensive database, populated with data from biologists and botanists, Programs curate the best possible environment for your pets and plants. They also give you all the necessary tips along the way to ensure your success.

  • Probes & Sensors

    The KAI Terrarium Kit comes with probes and sensors that measure Air Temperature, Humidity, Ground Moisture, Ground Temperature, Electrical Conductivity (EC), Dielectric Permittivity (DP), and Water Presence.

  • KAI Health

    With KAI Health, our cutting-edge platform in BETA, get real-time updates on the wellbeing of your pets and plants. These updates are powered by artificial intelligence and directed by industry experts. KAl predicts and prevents catastrophe.

All the tools you need.

  • KAI Controller + iOS / Android App
  • Environmental Probes and Sensors
  • Felix Smart Camera
  • USB to Ethernet Adapter
Felix Smart KAI Terrarium Kit pictured with probes, sensors and accessories (camera and ethernet dongle), from a top down view.

Seamless application experience.

Through years of BETA testing, we crafted a smooth and intuitive in-app experience, just for you. The KAl application caters to beginners and experts alike.

Never miss a moment.

Check in on your system from anywhere. Whether you want to show off your pets and plants, or have an emergency situation, the Felix Smart camera has you covered.

• Save photos and videos
• Timelapse the growth of your ecosystem
• Use multiple cameras with one controller

Make informed decisions with better data.

Utilize historical data to ensure the health of your inhabitants. With KAI, you can learn about all the best parameters for the plants and pets you care about.

Replicate mother nature, anywhere.

The KAI Terrarium Kit by Felix Smart opens up a new world of possibilities in the animals, plants, and insects that can be taken care of indoors. Control, monitor, and automate your desert, temperate & tropical forest, tundra, wetland, grassland, or savannah.

What is your return/exchange policy?

Since we are so confident that KAI will make your life easier, all of our orders are backed by a 100% satisfaction guarantee. KAI also comes with a lifetime warranty!

What happens if my Wi-Fi goes out?