Reimagine your Aquarium

Smart Controller. Smart Camera. Smart Monitor.


Smart Controller. Smart Monitor. Smart Camera.

Felix Smart Pro+
  • Connect. Control. Conquer.

    Conveniently control all your devices and manage your power settings in one place. Create fail-safes to turn equipment on or off automatically. Great for novice users, complete control for hobbyist. 

  • Fishkeeping made simple

    Monitor your aquarium like a pro. Get critical alerts on water and system quality. Build the perfect aquarium with valuable recommendations from our experts and AI.

Smart Controller - Power in your hands

With an industry leading eight 120V - 240V, 10A power outlets with 6 USB 2.0 ports. Technology is changing rapidly and the Felix Smart Controller's forward thinking design allows for future product innovations. Connect different device manufacturers and have them seamlessly work together in harmony. Never be tied to one brand. It's your choice. 

Smart Monitor - No calibration needed

Monitor your water quality and light parameters with ease and never worry about calibrating. Simply change your slides every month to receive the most accurate readings. Measures pH, Ammonia, temperature, water level, LUX, kelvin and PAR. 

Smart App with AI Integration

Customize or automate everything. Monitor and make changes to your system in real time and view your changes as they happen. Create beautiful time lapses with just a tap or simply take a photo to share with friends. 

World's first Smart AI Advice engine helps you create the perfect aquarium conditions based on the system and devices you have. Felix AI Advice is like having a professional fishkeeper by your side.

Smart 360º Submersible Aquarium Camera

Seeing is believing. Experience your aquarium like never before. Check in on your inhabitants or view time lapses in full 720P HD  Your Felix Smart camera is ready for your compatible VR goggles or headset.

Felix Smart 360º video

Reimagine your aquarium

Home Assistant

For a hands-free experience right when you need it most, Felix Smart is home assistant ready.

Felix Smart can respond to voice commands given to Siri and Google Home, giving you the freedom to manage your aquarium equipment hands free. "Hey Siri, turn on my aquarium lights."

Open source hardware and software.

An open ecosystem that allows for endless possibilities and seamless integration. Felix is designed to work with any smart device including lights, pumps, heaters, dosers and skimmers. We are continually adding new devices to our community. Have a recommendation? Email us at felix@felixsmart with your request.

Turn your aquarium into a Felix Smart Aquarium


This smart device includes many innovative tools that promise to bring smart controls, automation and monitoring of home aquariums into the 21st century. 

I love the ability to check into my aquarium from anywhere in the world!

The FELIX Smart System gives you the ability to monitor and control your aquarium easily through its own smart ecosystem.

The ability to integrate with any device regardless of brand makes Felix Smart invaluable.