Transform Your Aquarium into a Smart Aquarium


The World's First Smart
Computer for Aquariums

Finally, a smart system that manages all your devices and allows you to control your saltwater or freshwater aquarium with your phone.
Plus, a submersible 360 webcam and an AI engine that helps you create ideal aquarium conditions.

Developed with a dream team of experienced aquarists

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George Farmer

World-renowned Aquascaper
and YouTube influencer

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Thomas Burton

Reel Aquarium Expert,

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Esther Mous

Aquarium Plant Expert,
Owner of Aquaflora

smart monitor

Your key parameters monitored.
So you don't need to bother.

No need to worry about taking measures and calibrating. The Felix Smart Monitor keeps track of your water quality and light parameters and relays them to your phone. Simply change your slides every month to receive the most accurate readings. Works for both saltwater and freshwater aquariums.

  • Temperature
  • Light intensity (LUX)
  • Ammonia (NH3)
  • Photosynthetic radiation (PAR & PUR)
  • pH
  • Light color temperature (Kelvin)
  • Water level


It's like having a professional
fishkeeper by your side. 24/7.

Achieving ideal tank conditions has never been easier thanks to Fellx AI. Focus on the fun stuff, while it does the work for you. The AI can alert you in real-time if anything goes wrong, automatically apply the corrective measures and run your custom "If This Then That" rules.
  • Real-time analysis of your aquarium conditions
  • Automatic temperature and light adjustments
  • Critical alerts on water and system quality
  • Recommendations to improve your fish & plant life

3 ways Felix Smart AI
makes fishkeeping easy

Choose to do as little or as much work as you want. You can (1) get alerts and reminders, (2) set up If This Then That rules, or (3) sit back and let the AI optimize your aquarium conditions.
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Experience your aquarium
like never before

Available with Felix Smart Pro, the 360° Submersible Aquarium Camera gives you unprecedented views of your ecosystem.
And it's ready for your compatible VR goggles or headset.
  • 360º Underwater HD cam

    Seeing is believing. Check in on your inhabitants via webcam or view time-lapses in full 720P HD. Beautiful time-lapses and photos are just a tap away, easily shareable with friends.


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Choose your Felix Smart

Ships in 2 weeks!

Felix Smart Pro
  • Smart Controller
  • Smart Monitor
  • Smart Felix AI + Mobile App
  • 360° Submersible Aquarium Camera


Felix Smart Lite
  • Smart Controller
  • Smart Monitor
  • Smart Felix AI + Mobile App


many innovative tools that promise to bring home aquariums into the 21st century.

Felix helps you easily create the perfect environment so your inhabitants can thrive.

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Oliver Knott

International Aquascaper, Author and Influencer

great for both the experienced aquarium users and those just starting out.