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KAI Terrarium Kit

$624.99 USD
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The KAI controller comes equipped with a suite of sensors, including probes that measure EC, TDS, Water Temperature, Air Temperature, Humidity, and Water Level. These probes provide real-time data on the critical parameters that affect the well-being of your fish and coral, allowing you to take action before any issues arise.

The included 1080p HD camera offers an even closer look at your tank, letting you keep an eye on your aquatic life from anywhere, at any time. The camera can be easily integrated with the KAI app, which enables you to control your devices and receive notifications when any of your tank parameters fall out of range.

BETA Features

  • KAI Health™: Predictive AI Health Monitoring
  • In-app light sensors (PAR, LUX, CCT, DLI)
  • Bluetooth Ready