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The Easiest Way to Automate Pet & Plant Care

Automate, Control, Monitor and Care with KAI, the world's first AI powered smart controller for pets and plants!

KAI seamlessly works with all your devices to automate any system, creating the perfect environment for your inhabitants to thrive. 

Experience peace of mind like never before.

KAI controller is pictured next to a phone showing the "Programs" screen in the Felix Smart application. In the background is a freshwater aquascape, a Felix Eden Living Wall, and fresh fruit/vegetables.

What is KAI?

KAI's automation options go beyond simple timers and alerts. Set events, scenarios, cycles and more.

Capture Everything, Miss Nothing
With the 1080p HD Felix Cam, create breathtaking time-lapses and check in on your setup from anywhere.

Endless Possibilities To Automate
& Care For Ecosystems

Girl in a jacket
Automate & monitor your pets' environment, whether it be fish, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, or insects.
Girl in a jacket
The process of growing plants at home has never been easier. Just plant a seed & click on a Program.
Girl in a jacket
With KAI, the possibilities are limitless. Here are just a few ecosystems that KAI can care for:

Harness the Power of Mother Nature

Discover a revolutionary way to care for your prized pets and plants with KAI. Our cutting-edge technology empowers everyone to become a Pet Whisperer or Master Gardener, effortlessly. 

With KAI, you can create an extraordinary garden that provides an abundant source of fresh food for your family, or a stunning aquarium with state-of-the-art features.

Let KAI transform your passion for gardening and pet care into an unforgettable experience today!

KAI is pictured, next to its application on a phone, with four different types of environments seen in the background. The environments are a rainforest, a coral reef, a desert oasis, and an outdoor garden.